Pushkar – the city of contrast and a beautiful blessing

I am in Pushkar right now and I have never seen so much difference in one place. The story of Pushkar tells that a god flew over the city and dropped a lotus leave. Right at this spot the holy lake of Pushkar was created and it is still the center of Pushkar. It lays peacefully in the middle of the town, surrounded by little streets and shops and a beautiful landscape. The landscape reminds me a little bit of the Alpes in Switzerland. 

We drove with three Jeeps to Pushkar and sitting in the back of the Jeep I could easily observe all the beauty we were driving through. Blue lakes, green hills and a sparkling sun which was reflected in the lakes. I couldn’t wait to go for the first orientation walk in Pushkar. 
To get to the city we had to cross a street border and pay money to enter. They are controlling everything, because alcohol and meat are strictly forbidden as soon as you get closer to the holy lake. 

After paying our entrance fee and arriving  at the hotel (the first one with a pool!), our orientation walk started. We walked through tiny streets and Prats pointed to several cafés we should avoid because they are selling drugs here. This was the first contrast – holy lake, no alcohol or meat, but drug selling cafés….
While walking around a lot of tourists crossed our way and all the girls were wearing short dresses, tops and hot pants. Me and my girls were fully covered (shoulders and knees), because Prats told us so. And then you had this huge amount of stores which were selling lot of hippie fashion and of course hot pants, dresses and tops. So second contrast here we go – traditional city with lot of spirituality, but at the same time touristic stores where you can find way too short pants and dresses.
I think Prats noticed our distraction and he went with us to the lake. We had to go barefoot down to the lake and as soon as we entered this space, Pushkar became the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Everything was so peaceful near the lake. We sat there watching the sun go down, seeing Indians bathing in the holy water and then a ceremony started. Monks lightened up fire around the lake and started chanting and prayings. I wish we could have stayed there the whole night. The air was filled with energy and spirituality and I really calmed down – my body, my mind, mind soul. 
That was the moment when I decided to do the blessing the next day. The blessing is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Facing the river I had a plate with five ingredients on it: 

Red Powder: Good blood = good health 

Rice: good food (with good food you are healthy)

Sugar : sweet life for you and your friends (which comes from good blood and food, because with health your life is good and sweet)

Tumeric Powder (yellow): Peace and healthy relationships

Flowers: representing family and friends
The first thing in this ritual was to cover your eyes, forehead, head, heart and soul with the water of the holy lake. Afterwards our priest guided us through the whole blessing. 

We all got a Bindi in our forehead to mark the third eye. He explained to us that such a ritual is not only for you, it will affect you and your karma but also your friends and family, because we are all connected and we are all influencing each other. So during this blessing I was always with my thought by the ones I am loving the most. In the firs time it was my family and my sisters who I am loving so much. But also my grandma who passed away, but I know for sure that she is watching me he whole time and takes care of me.

During the blessing we chanted several times. It was all about cleaning yourself from bad habits and bad karma and gaining new energy. While you are doing good for you and clean your karma you will always do good for the ones you love as well. Because it is never only you. It is always the WE – you, your family and friends and your partner. 

We were praying for us and for the loved ones – those who are alive and those who passed away. Right now our soul is living in our body, but when we die we will leave this shell and our soul is still alive. God is in everything – in the holy lake, in the little butterfly which dances in front of you, in the stones, the air, the forest, in you and me. And due to this we have to be kind and gentle to everyone and everything. 
And then the priest explained one thing with the help of his hand to us: 

“Look at your hand. The middle finger is you. Ringfinger and tiny finger is the past. We are connected with he past and we are eating for those we have lost. They were a part in our life and always will be so we should never forget them. 

Your thumb and index finger is the future. We are praying for everyone who will cross our way and for all the next generations to come. 

God is everywhere and in all of us and so are our relatives. When you do prayings you don’t do it just for you, you will do it always for the others, too.”
We took the flowers in our right hand and the priest tied a little bracelet on our wrist for protecting us. He said: “You can wear this as long as you want. But in case you don’t want it anymore, please do not throw it away. Give it back which means throw it into a river or lay it under a tree.”
And then the most beautiful thing happend. All of us closed our eyes and had time for our own prayings. Sitting there with closed eyes, flowers in my hand and this beautiful lake in front of me was a feeling I can hardly describe. Peace, calmness, spirituality, happiness and thankfulness are maybe the best words. Tears dropped down my cheeks and I knew that right now everyone who loves me and everyone I love was close. My sisters were right there next to me, my grandma was watching from above and my mom and dad who are always caring knew that everything is alright.
After opening our eyes again we threw everything which was left in the plate in the lake and went for a swim to clean ourselves from everything and start all over again.

Whenever you want to create something you need to destroy it first. Creation and destruction always sticks together. 

Pushkar is the place of creation and we used this holy place and the holy water to create ourselves new and to get rid of everything bad. How beautiful is that – being in India, joining a blessing, doing good for you and your loved ones and receiving blessings and new energy for the journey and everything else which is about to come.

Such a beautiful beautiful day.

Yours Kristin 


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