The desert and me

Today we went to the desert. Some of us on camels – bouncing and trying to get into the flow with the camel and the rest of us drove with Jeeps, bouncing in the trunk likewise 😉

The desert was perfect, mountains around everywhere, dancing Gipsies and a magician who let two pigeons appear out of nowhere. We had a delicious dinner and then Prats offered us to stay over night here in the middle of nowhere. No one of us was prepared for this, but that’s life I guess. You are never prepared for it, but when you just let it happen it will turn out awesome! This was another lesson I have learned when it comes to over planning- life offers us so many beautiful moments, we just need to take them and be thankful.

This night was amazing. I have seen so many stars, heard the dogs, jackals and coyotes and due to the fact that it was Gandhis birthday we had a silent background music from the party of the village, which kept on playing till 11pm. And then we all felt asleep with that beautiful sky above us, a warm blanket on top of us and a heart full happiness within us.

The next morning we had Chai while watching the sun rising and the sky turned from light blue to pink and orange and finally the sun came up and I am quite sure that she said: “Hey there, the moon was watching you the whole night and I really wanted to see you guys so here I am with all my power and warmth ready for a new awesome day in India.”

I am so thankful to be here right now. It is exactly where I need to be and all those people who became my friends are exactly the ones I need for this great journey. And our moma duck Prats is the perfect guide who comes around with things you didn’t expect and moments I have never dreamed of.

Right now I am so thankful for learning the lesson that life happens in a unplanned way, it is spontaneous and so we should be. And the most important thing is that it always teaches you something and means no harm. It only does you good and good and good and we all should be thankful for that.

Kiss Kristin


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