Bollywood movie and popcorn 

Here in Jaipur they have a very old and beautiful cinema so we decided to go for a bollywood movie even though it didn’t have any subtitles and was in hindi.
The cinema was so beautiful – big chandeliers , lots of lights and mirrors on the wall and in the movie hall you had a thick red curtain like in a real theatre. While consuming the sweet smell of fresh made popcorn I noticed that all the Indians dressed up like they are going to a concert or a birthday party. Seems like quite and event going to the cinema in India 🙂

Furthermore it is quite common in India that the Cinema plays only one movie for a few weeks. And in case that the movie is really brilliant and famous they will extend it. So this happens in Delhi I think. They showed the same movie for seven Years and it was still sold out on a daily basis!

The other huge difference here in India is that the audience isn’t calm. All Indians are laughing , screaming and applauding while the movie is running. It was such fun to experience this and actually we all did pretty god in understanding the movie die ti the fact that it was a simple love stories, lots of singing and dancing and the indian actress was talking once in a while in english. ( She is living in America and her Hindi isn’t very good so they let her speak in english once in a while). And the best of all is that the Indians are making fun of themselves! They over exaggerated every single prejudice and this was the funniest part. Like guys who were starring at a women because she was wearing hot pants. Or Indians shaking their heads from left to right and no one was able to understand them. Business men with jewels in every finger, lot of Chai and of course weddings with a huge party, good food and guests who were eating tonnes of rice 😉 

I really enjoyed this movie and the indian music is great! So when you are coming to India do me favor and go for a bollywood movie. It is so worth it!

Yours Kristin


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