A hot train ride

Ok we have to go from Pushkar to Udaipur and Prats decided to do this in a real Indian way – train ride with three people in a row, no air conditioning and lots of Indians around who are starring at us or sharing food with us 🙂
At the train station it was crowded and hot and I felt like melting ice-cream. Sweat all over me …. mmhhh so nice! We were all expecting to hop on to the train, finding our seats and then just riding with the windows open. But this was not the case – during the first minutes all Indians rushed into the train and we stood at the wrong place so first we were rushing to the right wagon and then jumped in and Mike and I nearly fell off on the other side 😀 All doors were open and everyone was trying to get a seat so there was a lot of pushing and pulling and I am glad that Mike stood in the doorway, because I knew he would definitively fall out first and I had a soft landing 😀
While everyone was pushing the train started its journey and we stood still in the door. But it was a pretty nice breathe and after 10 minutes we had our seats.

Driving a train is crazy. You cannot imagine how much is going on. People having lunch, sharing their meals, baby’s starring at you and every now and then there are guys who selling Chai, nuts or little plastic action figures… I really don’t now why but it’s fun 🙂

After 6 hours we finally reached Udaipur with numb butts and empty stomaches. Good that we had the perfect Butter Masala at the hotel and a cold bottle of water, too 😉

Yours Kristin 


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