The pink city

Jaipur is called the pink city due to the fact that every single building within the old city is built out of pink terra-cotta stones. So it has not that Barbie-pink-look, but a good mix of sandstone brown, terra-cotta red and a little bit pink. Pink is the welcome color for the hindus and that is the reason why the king chose this color back in the days.
Jaipur is so beautiful, it has the perfect size with round about 3 millions of people and everyone is so kind here. I really enjoyed walking around and seeing the palast of the wind (which is the most photographed monument in India), Amber Fort and the market.
All the guys who are joining the G-Adventure tour are great and with each day we are getting to know each other better and it becomes more fun. And I found out why everyone is like my age – I booked a YOLO Tour (You only live once) 😀 so I am looking forward to the Party we will have in Mumbai and the days on the beach in Goa.

img_3916While walking around the city we had the best lassi in the world. You could chose between plain lassi. sweet or salt or lassie with taste (mango, banana, papaya). They served the lassie ice cold in a terra-cotta cup which you only use once and then throw it away. Lassie is a drink made out of Yoghurt and then you add sugar or salt or any taste you like and it is so good on a hot Indian day! bye the way at the moment we are facing more than 34 degrees which is pretty hot and bad for sight seeing 😮

After that delicious Lassie we went to a restaurant which is during the day a garage where they are repairing old cars. At night they will serve you delicious barbecue – simple food but so delicious!

This day was really amazing and I will probably sleep like a baby!

Good night



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