India I am coming for you and I got company!

Since one weeks I am traveling with my G Adventure Group and it is so great! We are 18 people and 5 women and 1 men who are traveling alone. That means in detail that we fully have a women overload (but so far we are doing pretty good) and it also means that every 5th night one of us girls has a room for her own ;)All in all we are 4 men and 14 women.
Time is rushing here in India. We are traveling each day to other cities and seeing beautiful places. Everything started with the Taj Mahal in Agra and I can say that it is impressive, beautiful, huge, stunning, peaceful and calm at the same time. I really enjoyed walking around, taking pictures and meeting lot of Indian people who wanted selfies with me:) Prats, our guide aka mama duck, he told us in advance that we should be careful with the selfies, because there were lot of Indian guys who kindly ask for a pic and as soon as you say yes there will be another 15 people around you…. and guess what, I was in exactly this situation 😀 

But luckily Mike (the other lonesome traveller – who really enjoys it to stay with so many women) took an eye on me and whenever I was missing or spoiled in a group he came around. 

The good think with a local guide is that he will show you the best restaurants and bars and you are doing sight seeing a lot without missing something. So I am enjoying really good food every day, getting to know so many other travelers and the main factor is that I am having much fun with them, because everyone of us is here to discover India, we are looking out for each other and at the end of the day we are sleeping like baby’s 😉

Yours Kristin


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