It is not easy every time, but it is definitely worth it.

Today I was standing in the metro on my way back to the hotel. It was already dark outside and I knew that I had to pass some corners which aren’t so lovely at nighttime. And while I was standing between all these people in the metro I just imagined myself back home with my family and friends. Having clean clothes, maybe a cup of coffee or just a hug from my daddy. How easy everything might be and how good it might be to be safe back home …. While I was thinking about home I started thinking about chosing the easy path in life or the more challenging. Most of the time I am taking the challenging one. That doesn’t mean that you have to move far away from home or going to other countries, it just means that you are leaving your comfort zone and trying something new or something which is not that easy for you.

I did this after school. I left home for studying even I was a teenager who was homesick like a 4 year old 😀 But my mom always told me that I will not get over it without leaving my comfort zone. And then I went to Spain for half a year. Just 1 hour after arriving I started crying and wished me back home. But then I decided to go out, discovering my neighborhood and after 5 weeks my family came for a visit and I felt so good in Spain and didn’t wish me back anymore.

And now I here in India. I decided to travel alone with all the advantages and disadvantages and of course I have those days when I want to be back home. But while standing in the metro I just thought about all the moments, people’s and experiences I would have missed without leaving my comfort zone. My trip hasn’t passed the half time it is just at the beginning and after this short period I am grown up and I enhanced in so many things. I don’t struggle with small problems and even the bigger ones I will pass because I have trust that everything happens for a reason. After 5 weeks of traveling I changed and I am excited to see what will be in another 5 weeks from now.

So I tell you something: go out and enjoy life. Leave your comfort zone from time to time and see how that feels. Be open to new things and to everything which life throughs in front of you. We are learning every day and we are developing, because that is what life is for. I am learning a lot about myself while doing this trip and this feels so good even it might be uncomfortable from time to time.

A big kiss from here


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