Delhi news

I am in Delhi now and it is amazing here.Just the perfect mix between traditional India and the new generation with lot of European Influence. Delhi is noisy and hectic like the rest of India and it is so hot (even it’s not summer now! But I am melting by 35 degrees) and every evening I am feeling so dirty.

img_3230While waking around you will find huge stores and European stores like H&M, Levi’s, Nike, adidas and so on. But right in front of them you will see poor people, Indians who are selling street foot, fruits and jewelry and right next to them you will see a barber who shaves his customer right on the street and ear cleaner as well! Yes, you got it, ear cleaner are people who are cleaning your ears and you recognize them, because they are wearing red hats:)


And besides of this Delhi has a lot of gardens and parks where you can walk around or just relax in the shadow of the trees. And I really like that, because with all the traffic noise and the crowded metro stations it is good to have some peaceful places around.

I am discovering Delhi by driving with the metro to most of the sight seeing spots and then walking the rest by foot. I think that is one of the best things you can do, because with this you will probably discover the best secret places and so many old monuments and temples which are standing just there between street food stands, parks and restaurants.

Today I did a lazy day and I was a bit homesick so I made a european day. Which means I went to H&M, did a free walking tour through Delhi, went through two markets and now I am having a delicious hazelnut Latte before I will end my day in an indian way with rice and curry 😉
It is good to have some western things around here, because after 5 weeks of India I really enjoy it to have Hazelnut Coffee, fries and salad from time to time 😉 Next week my guided tour through India will start and I am looking forward to it and then I will have rice, chapati, dosas, naan, curry and Indian sweets every day!

Oh and by the way today I met an Indian guy who lives in Germany and works as an fashion stylist in Münster. And when I told him that I am working for engelhorn in Mannheim he got a big smile on his face and said, that he really loves engelhorn.

So I am looking forward to my tour on Monday and I am really excited whom I will meet and if I have to share my room with another women who might also travel alone. Or if there are only couples, friends and families around me 😀

Yours Kristin


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