I just tell them, I am married.

It is my fifth week here in India and I am still discovering and experiencing new things here. At the moment it is the first time that I am all alone by myself, no group or family around, just me. actually I thought that this will be fun, but as a blonde women you are not able to walk one way without at least three Indian men following you. Most of the time they just want to say “hi” to you, but there are also those who want pictures, shaking hands and I promise you, if you start a conservation the second question will be: “Are you married?”. In the beginning it was kind of fun, but now after four days it gets annoying. I went to a hill and two men were following me. Actually I planned to read a book up there and enjoy the view, but I had to go down due to the men, who were following me everywhere and ended up sitting next to me.Then I went to the river for having a coconut there and maybe reading my book 🙂 But it turned out to be the bigger desaster. Seven men surrounded me for taking pictures and as they startet to kind of push me into the right light I just wen away. 

Look I totally understand that a white women is kind of an attraction and having a picture with her is cool, but please ask and be kind. Men who are following a women up to the hill are a bit scary …. 
So I went away from two groups just within one hour, what a glorious day. And thus brought me to the point to start telling lies about my relationship. So I promised myself, that the next men who sat next to me, without asking permission, would hear my little lie 🙂 And guess what, half an hour later I got the chance to tell it 😀 

I told him that my husband is in the hotel and that I am just on my way to him. This lie didn’t forced to men to give up immediately, but at least he went away after I stood in front of a guest house, where nether I live nor my imaginary husband 😉
So right now I am happy to meet my travel group in Delhi and having someone around me so that I am not the only white person around.

Yours Kristin



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