Tears of joy as I walked down the hill

Hampi is so beautiful. I will try my best to describe you this place to share the impressions and the spirit with you. So just imagine a landscape with palms and big rocks, a calm river in which Indians taking bath and lot of old monuments which mark the landscape. This place is very peacefully and you are able to discover everything while walking around. I just climbed over rocks and discovered the most beautiful and spiritual places I have ever seen.

There were no people around as I strolled through the nature. And then I arrived at a hill with one old little house on the top. That must be a beautiful view from up there, I thought and started walking up the hill. And then I met a monk. He was wearing an orange cloth and was barefoot and just came from the hill. As he saw me he gave me some signs. He was pointing to me and to the hill and then he was shaking his head. I tried to understand. “I will go to the top of the mountain. Must be beautiful up there”, I sayed. But he was shaking his head and stood in my way so I couldn’t pass. He wasn’t speaking so we tried once more. I understood that he didn’t want me to go there but I didn’t get the reason. Was it a spiritual place? Or were there no women allowed? Sometimes you aren’t allowed to enter holy monuments or places when you have your period… But it seemed ridiculous to me to tell him that I don’t have my period right now. (Being in the middle of India and telling a monk about women period is strange.)

And then luckily two other men came down the hill. They were a group and one of them carried a block so the monk was able to write me. And then in perfectly English he wrote me: “Don’t go up there all by yourself. The path is risky and when you forget how to return there is no one to help you. At least it takes three people walking together up there.”

Ok, I told him that I won’t go up there all by myself and thanked him for his care. As the men left I climbed to the top of the mountain… I know that I had lied to a monk, but the mountain and the view which expected me up there were just too fabulous 🙂

So climbing up there I felt free. I went barefoot and felt everything under my feet. The warm stones, the wind brushing through my hair and the sun on my skin. And such a silence. Just the hill and me – what a perfect date! Arriving on the top the view was breathtaking. Beautiful nature everywhere and all the old temples near the river. Amazing!

I had my lunch up there, salted banana chips, nuts and water. Not much, but perfect for this moment 🙂

While walking back down I started crying. This walk showed me how blessed I am. I am able to travel around the world. I did 4 weeks in India and experienced so many things. It wasn’t always easy but I managed it in the best way. And then Hampi crossed my way and showed me how beautiful life is. I know that my guardian angels are with me on my trip and every single person who crosses my way is here to teach me a lesson. I am learning every day. 

We are taking so many things for granted without being aware of it. 

After 4 weeks of India I know what freedom means to me. The freedom of deciding and choosing the things I want in life. We are taking so many decisions every day and thinking that this is normal. But it isn’t. We are so blessed, because we can decide to have a partner (and choosing him by ourselves). And if we want to spend our life without one than it is also ok. We can decide what to wear, how to look, what to work and what to study. Interested in other cultures and countries? We will book a flight and doing vacations in the land of our dreams. While doing all of this the majority of us has a family and friends who supports us in every step we take. And if there are any troubles, they are there for us and will support us. 

Here in India the parents chose your husband. They decide most of the time if you can study or just finish school and become a housewife. They will tell you what to wear and traveling isn’t always easy, because it is very expensive. 

There are many rules to follow and that is ok here in India. People are happy and the family is the most important thing. You respect each other and support each other. But the level of comfort is much lower than in Germany. 

So I just recognized all this and was so thankful that some cries came out. I am happy to be here and get the chance to experience all of this. Hopefully I will never forget how blessed I am and that there is nothing in this whole wide world we cannot pass. 

Yours Kristin



  1. I found the post really beautiful. The description of hampi was beautiful and it made me add it to my bucket list. Plus the way you talked about India, that’s true.
    Overall, the writing is really beautiful 😍.
    P. S. – Have you visited Rishikesh? If not then add it to your list. It’s beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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