India lives for today

My time in Mysore is over and I decided to spend 3 days in Madurei before my journey to Delhi starts.
So being a well-structured German, I went three times to the bus stand last week and asked for the bus to Madurei. “Yes, yes Mam, there is a bus at 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm and 10:00pm. No reservation just buy your ticket in the bus. Oh yes, Madurei is beautiful.”

So after hearing that for the third time, I decided to trust the Indians and on Sunday evening I went to the bus stand at 8:45 pm for taking the bus at 10:00 pm. And guess what?! At 9:00 pm they told me that there will be no busses to Madurei till Wednesday… So there I was with all my luggage, plenty of Snacks and ready for the bus trip which was cancelled. I had two options. First one: immediately start crying, eating all my snacks and going back to my host family. Second option: just taking another bus to another place. And so I did. I took the bus to Hampi without knowing one single thing about it. But Cas told me that it is beautiful and there was a bus at 10:00 pm, so I just did it!

I arrived early in the morning and recognized that Hampi is a small village surrounded by beautiful temples, ruins, stones and hills. I am staying in a little guesthouse and have my own shower and bed and there is also warm water and Wifi from time to time 😉

I will tell you more about Hampi in my next blog post, but right now I just want to tell you one thing: what happened there in Mysore with the bus was typical for India. And I know for sure that in the beginning of my journey such a thing had caused me stomach pain and bad mood. But after 4 weeks of India I have learned that life isn’t working the way you plan it (for most of the time). It is always good to have an idea where to go next, but on the same time it is important that you don’t loose the awareness for the moment. We are living in a world where everything is possible. Driving spontaneously to another city. Meeting a stranger who becomes your closest friend and accepting circumstances which are so different to the things you know from home, that you don’t know if it is better to laugh or cry.

I am so happy that there was no bus to Madurei and that I am here in Hampi now. Having a black coffee which is far too expensive, a beautiful view to the river, baby kitten playing around my feet and an Indian guy who is talking to me (are you married? Boyfriend? You like India? Want some Marihuana? Or beer? Really good beer I have…). I should probably start lying to the boys while telling them, that my husband is with me and we are enjoying our honey moon here 😀

So life just crossed my plans and it worked out perfectly. I know that it isn’t that easy to let life crushing your everyday life. But from time to time you should let it happen. Life is not perfect and neither are you and I. But you will get close if you just trust and let it happen. No worries about tomorrow or about yesterday. The only thing we can really decide is now.

I will pay my coffee now and going to another restaurant where I can enjoy my dinner by my own 😉

Yours Kristin


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  1. nice post, but do not turnaround facts and portray inaccuracies. train is another option. next time check online. you can buy bus tickets online on a site called redbus. As Bangalore is close to Mysore and a much larger City, I would have travelled to Bangalore and then to Madurai.


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