Sometimes it just needs a stranger and a motorbike …

So today was another day off due to strike. Normally this means that we are staying at home and relaxing and drinking chai. This is fabulous after a week full of work, but today I really wanted to do something and see more from Mysore.
So I texted one Indian man named Rajesh. I met him last week in the bus (actually he sells the tickets in the bus) and I talked with him for 2 hours. Afterwards we changed numbers. Cas was laughing and told me that I shouldn’t give my phone number to every stranger. But you know me, I am always seeing the best in everyone. And furthermore Rajesh told me that his family runs a laundry and so does mine – a good reason to give him my number 🙂

So today I texted him and told him that I have the day off and guess what? He came by and I had one of the best days here in Mysore!image

We drove with the motorcycle through rice fields and little villages. He wore a helmet, I only had beautiful flowers in my hair 😀

We visited a tailoring enterprise and had a guided tour there. 38.000 hectare land and a building which is about 10.000 hectare big. The company is called Reid&Taylor and they are doing everything. Tailor&Reid colors the cotton and the polyester and afterwards they process everything to yarn. With this yarn the company weaves drapery which is exported to China, Bangladesh and lot of other places.

imageAfterwards we visited a temple and dipped our feets in the river. The water is holy so everyone takes a swim there or at least put some water on the hand. Enjoying the view and the cold water around my feets, some small fishes came and gave me a pedicure for free 😉

And then finally we arrived at the laundry. This was fun because it was just a grassland with one water tube where one single man was washing the clothes. The grassland was full with wet clothes which layed flat on the gras for drying 🙂 And Rajesh was so proud that they are washing for hospitals and that everything will get so clean here. I just thought by myself that it is definitely the best to avoid hospitals in India 😀



After this washing experience we drove back to the city and Rajesh showed me his workplace as a bus driver and I met every single collegue/friend of him there. But the best thing was that I met three women who are working for the bus company as engineers. Women power !!!! And selfie time 😉
After this we drove to his little laundry store in the city where people can get their shirts after Rajesh’ company cleaned and ironed them.

And all of this wouldn’t be the perfect Indian day without meeting every single family member and having the best food on earth 😉 So I ate at his sisters house and met half of the family and then he was showing me his home and his wife and son. His wife owns a beauty saloon which we visited and she was very proud of he pink walls which her husband has painted himself.

This was such a great experience and as I sat on the motorcycle I smiled because I realized that sometimes it just takes a stranger, a motorcycle and a little bit of bravery and you will experience the best things in life.image

We should stop overthinking every single step in our lives. Live now and enjoy the moment. Take every chance which life offers you and stop worrying. Everything will be good and right in the end. And if it is not good than it is not the end 🙂

Yours Kristin


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