Strike, friendship & cookies

This week was crazy. We had the second huge strike within two weeks. The latest strike was about water. So our region Karnataka decided to give water to another region which is called Tamil Nadu. And now the people from Karnataka are mad with the politics, because here in Karnataka water is rare and giving it to another region without having enough for the own needs drives them crazy.On the other hand you have to say that this water isn’t owned by a single region. The river flows for everyone and you cannot stop the water due to the fact that the source is in Karnataka.

So we had the day off, because all shops were closed, no busses were driving and there were a lot of fires on the streets.

We spend the day at home and walked through the neighborhood. In the meantime we also had a power breakdown, no water for showering and unfortunately someone dipped his hand in our drinking water so at the end of the day even our drinking water was gone, too.

At 6 pm the shops opened again and we were able to buy water and cookies. All the cookies here in India are so delicious. Most of them have the perfect amount of salt and sugar at the same time. One of my favorite things is a cookie that is made out of puff paste, sesame and honey.image

While paying our sweets in the bakery the women didn’t accept our 50 Rupees due to the fact that there was a tiny flower on it. She said: Bad, bad! Throw it! Away, away!
First I thought that she meant that this was a counterfeit note. But the more realistic way is, that this flower is something like a bad sign for them.
It is the same with a 10 Rupee note and a 20 Rupee coin. Every Indian drives crazy when he or she sees a 10 Rupee coin and want to have it.
So in the end we paid with another note and the women was happy and gave us sweets for friendship. Guess I found a new Indian friend here 😉

Let’s see what the next days will bring. Only one week is left in my host family before I am leaving. Time is running so fast here….

Yours Kristin


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