How many Indians fit into one bus?

Indian traffic is crazy we know that already. But did you know that they are even more crazy when driving with the bus? So many people inside and outside the bus – I was overwhelmed. And for me this experience was breathtaking, maybe due to the fact that I was directly in the middle of the bus with 100 Indians 😀image

How to fit the most Indians into one old bus?
So first the Indians are very good in elbowing their way through the crowd. Especially the old ones know every trick and aren’t afraid to play you. I thought that german school kids are the worst, but I swear you the Indian grandmothers throwing their purchasings through the open bus windows to reserve their seats. In Mallorca you have the towels, here in India you have the plastic bags 😀image
So in the beginning it may look like a normal bus situation. You have the seated ones and the standing ones. But then you recognize that there is no full in India. People pushing inside like crazy. So it is quiet frequent that every standing person gives his or her backpack to one who is seated. With this strategy is always more space for more people 😉 Due to the fact that all bus doors are open during the ride, it is no problem that some Indians stand more on the outside of the bus than in the inside. On every bus stop you get to know that there is always some more space for more people. We were packed like sardines in a can, but the vibe was good. People laughed and talked an I felt like part of a big community who works together to reach the goal not to loose one passagere on the way.
imageAnd than happend a beautiful thing: a mother stepped into the bus with a little child. Maybe 3 years old. And right now everyone pulled the child inside so it stood safely with two other women while the mother of the child was near the door. The two women singed for the child to keep it happy while the mother was relaxed and thankful to know that her child was in good care.
The same thing happens when old people entered the bus. There were always helping hands who holds you and this team spirit was fascinating.
Caring for each other was one thing I have learned from this ride. It was hot and muggy, but nevertheless a wonderful experience 🙂

Yours Kristin


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