A story about toy blocks and the cold

This afternoon my task was to play with toy blocks. I know why the teachers gave me this task, because this is as chaotic as Indian traffic 😀 Every single kid was screaming and shouting and destroying the things of the others. So I just sad there in this mess and thought about a silent place with no noise. I tried to calm them down, really I did this, but they didn’t understand a word from me 😀
Another amazing thing is that most of the kids have cold. So they are honking in their handkerchiefs (which is pretty good), but afterwards they unfold their handkerchiefs and showing you the inside (less good) and while they fold it ones more together they are touching their snot and then they are putting their cute little hands directly into your face…. mmmhhh that feels so good 😀

Disinfectant is my best friend here 😉

Yours Kristin


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