Ganesha Festival

Today is Ganesha Festival. Every Hindu family has its own little temple outside or inside the house with Ganesha and Rowdi (another God). They are praying the whole day and celebrating this day together with the whole family.img_1452
So it is 3 o’clock and I had 7 rice balls with coconut for breakfast and two times lunch 😀

The first lunch happend accidentally, I was waking around to look at the mandalas in front of every Hindu house and one family invited me to see their aisle. It was beautiful. Ganesha and Rowdi in the middle and then candles, fruits and flowers around.image-18

They did puja for me (the red point between the eyes) and afterwards we had idli (rice cakes) with curry and some sweets.

Afterwards I went to a friend of my host family and his wife served us delicious food. We were sitting on the floor and ate from banana leaves. Sooo gooood 🙂

And now I really need a nap because my stomach hurts from all the food 😉

Yours Kristin


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