Barefoot in Halebid & Belur

On Saturday we went to Halebid and Belur. Two cities close to each other and about 4 hours bus drive from Mysore. The cities have beautiful temples and I recommend a visit for everyone. The temples are from the 12 century and made out of soup stone. They were built for God Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi.img_1246
At the outside of the temples you see thousand of carvings from goddess, animals and also from the Kamasutra. The Kamasutra is on one side of the temple and the gods are on the other side – so strictly separated 😉

The lowest row of the temples is ornamented with elephants. They are the basis and represent strength and stability. The second row shows lions. They stand for courage. The third row is decorated with horses. They ornament speed. Somehow nice that every animal supports these buildings with it strength, right?

As I walked barefoot through these places I really felt something. Some might call it God, others magic, Angels or just energy. It was majestic, beautiful and breathtaking in every way. The energy from this holy place took over me and in that moment I was thankful for my life – for the love of my family, for my friends, for the luxury goods we are taking for granted and for my health. There is nothing else than love which is important and matters. Living a simple life is much harder than being rich. But everyone who experienced a simple life and went through this is happier and more thankful than before. And I promise you that it will change you.

img_1259Eating with my right hand, walking barefoot through India, showering with cold water, enjoying fresh fruits like something special and eating rice from morning till evening changes everything. We don’t need the latest fashion or the biggest car, what we really need is love, health, family and friends who are there for you whenever you need them. And you have to be there for them as well. We never walk alone in this world so there is nothing we should be afraid of.

This day was special to me and here is my special gallery for you 🙂

Yours Kristin

Belur – Channakeshava temple


Halebid – Hoysaleswara temple





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