I am faster than the dogs


On Monday I started with jogging. First I was afraid to ask, because runners outfits are always tight, but my knees and shoulders are covered and so Mary told me that I can do whatever I want to do 🙂
My alarm rings at 05:45 and at that time it is dark in India. But luckily the cock in the neighborhood is already awake and so we are getting up together. While I am trying to be as silence as possible the cock carks as loud as it can.
At 6 o’clock the sun rises and I am starting with my jogging. It is not so easy due to the mud everywhere. And most of the time I am not able to decide whether it is mud or holy shit from the cows:Dimage-11
I like to run in the early mornings, because there is less traffic and everything is calm.
Every morning the Hindu traditions says that you have to clean the path for your door and afterwards you draw a picture (mandala) in front of it. You do this to invite the gods to your house and show something beautiful to them.

So while I am running all the Hindi women are drawing their mandalas and this is so beautiful and peacefully. image-9I think we German should do this, too. Imagine how nice it would be to draw a picture in total silence like a meditation every morning. Not long, only five minutes. Wouldn’t it be much nicer than just going up and rushing through hot coffee, the newspaper and then hurrying to work?

image-10Oh and by the way, the Indian dogs are so slow. In Germany I am slower than every dog, but here I am crossing the dogs and they are so afraid of me. Guess they never saw a white girl running around… or my red head with all the sweat frightens them 😀
So hogi baruve which means see you.

Yours Kristin


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