Washing my underwear in front of the family

Washing day! We have a washing machine, but it waistes too much water so we are washing by hand. Cas and I took the challenge and washed our laundry by hand. First we watered our clothes in a mix of water and detergent powder and afterwards we were washing and scrubbing everything on the ground (big stone). Our white clothes were brown afterwards, because of the dirty stones, but at least smelled good ;).

So we washed our shirts, trousers and socks and also our underwear. But unfortunately the whole family was watching. They were laughing the whole time due to the fact that Cas and I did everything for the first time and based on a you tube video we had seen before.

image-3We kind of struggled, because we didn’t want to show Mary, her husband or the kids our tiny little underwear…. but there was no way around. Moreover the father created a new clothes line for us in front of the window of the living room. So I plucked up my courage and went to the linen and pinned my underwear there. The neighbors were starring over the fence like in a really bad tv serie and I guess Mary (host mom) was kind of torn between laughing at us and being ashamed :p

At the end of the day our clothes were half way clean, Mary had her fun with us and I am getting to the point where I am giving up my level of dignity and just take every situation with humor and not worrying about the next day or what others might thing. You will always have the choice to stuck in your stinky clothes or at least trying to enhance your situation by giving your best with the conditions you find.

Yours Kristin



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