Will you marry me?

Today I arrived at my host family here in Mysore. They life 30 minutes away from the center in a village which is very poor. My host mother Mary, her husband (forgot his name), and their four kids (Rebecca, Nisica, Richard, David and ? (forgot his name)). Rebecca has two children and everyone is around the whole day. But officially only Mary, her husband and Nisica are living here. This is a typical joint family here in India.

The family built a new house for us (Cas and me) and the walls are still wet, because it was freshly painted this morning. The house is actually one room with a shower and a toilet and two beds. That’s it 🙂
We don’t have warm water and each day the family has only a certain amount of water to spend (by the way I am talking about cold water :p).

Mary doesn’t like me so far, because I am 26 years old and not married. Furthermore I don’t fit in her Indian traditional way of dressing. The women here wear Saris or long dresses only. In the city it is different and you often wear kuttas (kind of long blouse), but here in the village it is different you need to dress traditionally. Mary told me about every single female volunteer she had before and all girls were younger and had boyfriends. She told me: “It is not good for you. Need children and a man. Marry next year, no? Men will take you, but no wait long. Men will not take you.”

Ok I got it. Next year will be fine for a marriage otherwise I will be too old for every men in the whole wide world and I will possibly stay alone for the rest of my life….

So I mentioned Cas before. She is from Germany, too and shares the house/room with me. Furthermore Tim and Nico (also Germans) are staying in this family for 11 months.

So the first day is difficult in 98% of the cases when you arrive in a new country.

But you know what? This family shares everything with us. So I will be friendly and kind and treat everyone with respect. And I will love my host family and will be greatful (especially to Mary), because she is taking care of us even she has 4 kids and two grand children.
I wanted to see the real India and now I am part of it – how awesome is that????

Yours Kristin


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