Nobody talks about it except me

Ok let’s talk face to face and pretending we know each other.Everyone connects India with dirt and therefore with stomach problems and probably lots of days without leaving the bathroom.

My doubts where the same and so I brought they’re different medicines with me in case of shits.

So now I am here in India. I have never used so much desinfection in my life and soap and guess what – I haven’t used the medicine so far!Foto 17.09.15 17 54 40

But there is another problem. Here in India you eat rice and bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you eat no fruits or fresh things. So now it is the other way round. No one of us Germans here can go to the toilet. I probably would laugh my ass off right now, if my belly wasn’t look like pregnant in the fourth month…
So please do me a favor: whenever traveling to India take medicine with you for shits and for the other way round. Because what I am doing right now is drinking lot of hot water, doing yoga for my belly and just crossing fingers for my next way to the toilet.

Ah right now I am feeling so much closer to you, but probably after this post nobody will follow me anymore… but what should I say? These are my biggest concerns right now 😀
Yours Kristin


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