The wet cow

I am so proud of us Germans here. Today we crossed a road with four lanes all by ourselves ! Here in India that is quite challenging and dangerous, because here are no rules. Like the Rickshaws drive and hump you need to walk and shout likewise. Well, to be honest in the first moment you are feeling like it’s your last action here on earth and that you probably will die in the Indian traffic, but after you have passed the street you are feeling like a king. So you are standing with your head held high next to the street and than you notice that you are going to experience the next near-death experience probably while driving in the Rickshaw you need to take in one minute 😀

So we went to a palast (which was closed when we arrived), but nevertheless we crossed a road successfully and we survived while driving crazy around in our Rickshaw. So our mind setting was pretty good and we decided to walk through the neighborhood to take photos.We ignored the clouds above us due to the fact that it probably will never ever rain on kings of the road…. yes you are right, rain started immediately. And what a rain – it was like a monsoon. We were so wet. My bra was wet, my money was wet, my passport was wet and the rain was pouring from my nose. I had a whole lake in my Birkenstocks and while running through the rain and asking every Rickshaw driver for help I met the wet cow. Her nose was wet like mine, her hair was sticking to her body like my clothes did. And also there was rain on her nose and she was looking around (probably not for a dry Rickshaw), but for a place to hide.
Luckily I found one Rickshaw driver and by paying him the double amount (100 Rupees = 2,50€ for 5 km) he drove us back home.
What I am adding today to my list is the following:

  • Monsoon rain CHECK
  • Crossing Indian Road CHECK
  • Eye contact with a holy cow CHECK

I am telling you the Indian shower never felt so good 😉
Yours (dry and happy)  Kristin




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