Rushing through life

Yesterday I have noticed that my speed is too high. While walking around I am passing people all the time. Even when it is hot like in Dubai I am rushing through the streets. I think that’s part of the German mentality : be on time and don’t waist time with ‘useless’ stuff.
But is walking or the path to your next target useless? Shouldn’t we take our time on the way to something? Yes, we all have our target to go, but the way to it is as important as the target. Looking around, being aware of every step we take will offer you so much. Noticing people, traffic, the sun above you and the path below your feeds. Smelling the air and hearing the sound of your surroundings.

image-13I will practice to stick my attention to the things I am doing. Washing my hands, walking through streets, talking to people. Being in the moment is one of the toughest things for me. Keeping my thoughts in that moment and not switching to the past or future.
I will let you know when I am getting better with this 😉
Yours Kristin


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