10 things about India

India is a beautiful place and the culture and the people are even more beautiful. I am learning so many things about tradition, culture and life and I want to share it with you.
So here is my first list about 10 things you need to know about this beautiful beautiful place.
1. Indians have over 1000 goddess. They see God in everything and everyone so caring about each other and respecting everything and everyone is the most important thing.

2. Main goddes are Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the protector) and Shiva (the destroyer). These are all males , but everyone of them has a wife on his side who balance them. (I will write about that in an extra blog post)

3.In India you will find another language and culture every 100 km. So the Indians need English to communicate with each other 🙂

4. Indians believe that they have six lifes. Life happens to you and you accept it. E.g. when you have an accident you probably did something wrong/ did a sin (in that life or a prior one).

5. Business: relationships matter more than work. So every Indian is more into socializing than doing his or her work

6. Indians share! Sharing is caring and whenever you meet someone or sitting in a bus, you will share your foot. Even the school kids to this in school.

7. Most of the Indians live in joint families. The oldest person takes all the decisions. Most of the time these are the grandparents. So if you want to go to universities and your grandparents don’t allow it, you will accept. This is slowing changing but in the smaller villages it is quite common.

8. Feet is a holy part. You touch the feet of an older person to receive blessings. So if you touch a feet from another person accidentally you need to tell sorry immediately.

9. In India women need to cover knees and shoulders. Touching (holding hands, kissing or hugging with a friend) is not allowed. That is why you say Namaste as a welcome form without touching.

10. Indians are eating with their right hand. The food is given by God and it would be a sin to put something between you and God (e.g. a knife or a fork). Moreover eating with hand raise the awareness of all your five senses.
You can be sure that the next list is coming soon 😉
India you are lovely and thank you for teaching me so many things !
Yours Kristin


One comment

  1. I am glad to hear you like this place Kristin🙋🙆
    You may watch videos of Mr Devdutt Pattanaik to get more details on Indian mythology and the logics behind the Indian way of doing things, especially- business, with a comparison with Greek culture.
    I wish you Good luck for your entire journey. Hope you make beautiful memories here and everywhere.😊👍✌


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