Day #1 in Bangalore

So today was my first day here in Bangalore. Everyone is so gentle and friendly and is willing to tell and show you everything.
I will stay here till Friday and we are having an introduction week here to learn about Indian culture, food and everything we need to know.

Here in India you are eating with the right hand. During lunch I sat next to the president of the organization I am working for. I did not know that and talked with him the whole time 🙂

First thing he told me: Forget about everything your parents tought you about table rules. Eat with your hands and touch the food ! Indians are eating with the right hand (left one is dirty so should be taken under the table ). For the Indians it is important to touch the food, because first you are eating with all your senses and therefore you have to touch it. Secondly the meal is given by God and between you and God should be no things like a fork or a knife.

I like this tradition and untill now I can tell you that eating with your hands brings more attention to the meal and your awareness is growing.
This afternoon two German girls arrived. One of them is over planning everything. It is so funny because she knows everything about the project, the city and the traditions. She is carrying a whole pharmacy with her so I guess I will be pretty safe here 😉

Furthermore she has carried a six pac of water from Germany. But she forget the toilet paper and when she noticed that you cannot buy it here in the neighborhood she struggled a lot. But it is not that hard. They have water brushes in every bathroom and soap!

But anyways she knows everything and checks herself every evening for malaria symptoms. I am feeling quite safe with her 😉
The other girl is a quiet one and not so confident. She remembers me on myself and we will help her whenever she is struggling.

My first words in Kannada (language they are speaking here in the region of Bangalore/Karnataka):

Namaskara = Hello

Nanna hesaru Kristin = My name is Kristin



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