Bangalore Traffic Report

I arrived in Bengaluru and on my way from the airport to the guest house I experienced real Indian traffic.
Whole families are driving on one motorcycle. Boy in the front, father behind. Then the little sister or brother standing (because too little space for sitting) and then at the very end of this motorcycle bank the mother. And no helmets at all. Or busses where people are sitting and standing site by site. You probably think that there is no chance to add more people to it…. but guess what? You forgot the roof! It offeres place for at least six to seven more people.

>> Indian traffic #indiantraffic #norules #bebrave🙈

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Here in India you do left hand driving so the slowest lane is the left one. Whenever you are passing another car you hump . So it is very noisy on the streets and no one really cares about traffic rules.
As a pedestrian you have to be very careful because no car or motorcycle is stopping for you. But I will get used to it like I do with eating with my right hand 🙂

Yours Kristin


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