Curry for breakfast

First day in Dubai – curry for breakfast, barefoot in a mosque and sweets from a stranger;)

Friday was my first day in Dubai. First thing I have noticed that Friday seems to be like our sunday – no metro before 10:30 am, no open restaurants and most of the city attractions are closed.
So I strolled around to find some breakfast. Here in Dubai are lots of little restaurants but only with male guests inside. there was not one women around so I wasn’t sure if it is ok to have some food there. After an hour I was so hungry that I entered a tiny restaurant and asked for food. And they served me the best vegetarian curry and the sweetest fresh orange juice in my life!I ate with my right hand, left hand under the table. All men were staring at me but smiled afterwards so I guess I did not overstep rules or any borders.
After that delicious meal I went to a little mosque. Leaving shoes in front of the door and then just following the people walking around. There is a special order in which you go through the mosque and in the end they give you some sweets and a warm smile 🙂 As I stood in the garden of this mosque an indian grandpa came to me and he said to me: Follow me I will show you another ritual!

image-3I followed him and with every corner and every little street we were taking my heartbeat was raising but I knew that it was ok.

Sorry mama I know that I have promised you not to go with strangers but he seemed nice and he brought me to an amazing spiritual Hindi place.

This Indian grandpa took me by the hand and we prayed to Krishna and sacrificed milk, flowers and food.

First we sipped a little cup of milk. (My thoughts : hopefully this is not for drinking because I am lactose intolerant and don’t want to drink that without my pills!) But luckily we went with this cup of milk to the front of the room and sacrificed it for Krishna while spoiling it into a big pot.

Afterwards we stood in line with all the others and prayed. Most of the people brought flowers and food with them and gave these things to Krishna.

It was very crowded in this room and I had to watch every step because some believers layed on the floor while praying. But nevertheless it was spiritual and calm at the same time. Everyone was friendly and smiled at me. Guess I found little India here in Dubai 😉

I am thankful for today and for this grandpa who took me by the hand and showed me his believe and his world here in Dubai.

Yours Kristin



  1. Already very special experiences, sounds really great. But even though I’m not your mum, that story makes me a bit uneasy. Take care and thank you for sharing. Kisses


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