Life happens while you are making other plans

I am that type of persons who loves plans. I like to know what’s next in life and I like to be prepared for my next steps. On the one hand it is good to be structured and focused. You get things done quickly and most of the time people are impressed by this. But on the other hand it is difficult to let things go. Turning off your thoughts and living in the moment is not that easy while trying to plan each and every step on your way.

I know, that I am damn good in the planning part, but I definitely need lessons for the „I live in the moment“ part.


Image-19My trip starts tomorrow – the closer it gets the more I recognize that the trip teaches me not to plan every detail of it. Or more precisely: you can not plan everything in advanced!

First I had an operation in the mid of June – no sports and no raising of more than 5 kg for the next 6 weeks. I guess the universe wanted to tell me: You will get everything done in time, but right now please calm down and don’t stress yourself too much.

Image-22Second thing was my Visa. I needed 3 tries to get it. My belly was hurting and all I could think about was: I need this fu****** visa! But after the third time I calmed down: whats the worst thing that can happen? You are too stupid to fill it our correctly so in the end you will hire a agency, pay 50€ and they do it for you. And guess what – after altering my thoughts it worked out!

I don’t know what will cross my way next, but slowly I am getting to the point that I recognize that there is a bigger plan than just the one in my hand. The trip will work out, but not exactly how I planned it. And that’s good, because that is life.

So lean back, take a breath and open your eyes for the things that are right in front of you. Tomorrow is tomorrow and yesterday is gone. So hello today, I like you, I see you and I am living you. You are all I am dealing with.

I am still learning….

Yours Kristin


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