In the middle of everything

My trip starts in 3 weeks and from where I stand, I have the feeling that right now is the most difficult time for me. It is something between the beginning and the end.

Beginning of my big adventure and the end of my everyday life (Alltag). I didn’t recognize how important this feeling of being safe really is. Your normal life sticks to certain rules. Waking up in the morning, going for a little run. Going to work, going home and sometimes for drinks with friends. And in the evening you have your home, your bed, your comfort zone. And next day you start all over again.WYDT3182

Right now my life is in boxes. I have 6 days of work left and 15 to the beginning of my trip. And my calendar shows lot of goodbye-drinks with my friends and all of this causes a feeling of uncertainty, because right now everything is about to happen. Now without any stops. It will happen – everything I have planned for weeks.

I know that all of this will not work out the way I’ve planned it, because it is life. But I hope that everything will be good in the end and that I will get along with every situation that crosses my way.

Yours, Kristin


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