Me, myself and I

I read an article about traveling alone. Most of the people are afraid of this, because the truth is that we struggle the most with ourselves. Being with yourself is the most challenging thing and that scares us.

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When you tell people that you are traveling alone they ask questions like: “Isn’t that boring?”, “Don’t you have any friends who want to travel with you?” or “I feel sorry for you, because being alone is so sad” …. only to name a few prejudices you have to face while spending time with your own.

Every time I am confronted with those kind of questions, I remind myself: Kristin, there is nothing wrong with traveling alone. And this is not a sign of being friendless, mindless, fun-less. Most of the people you meet are afraid to face their selves and spending time alone. And that is the main reason why there are so many arguments against.

For as long as I can think, I have always been good in spending time by my own. It is not that I don’t have friends in my life. I do have a social life and I am pretty sure that most of my friends like spending time with me 😉 But there are those days when I want to be alone. Just me and no one else.

Foto 18.09.15 15 48 46Nevertheless I am not telling you that this is easy. Far from it, I think that this is one of the most challenging and grown up things you can do. But it is great! I really recommend this to everyone. Go out and enjoy a coffee with yourself. Or go to the cinema. Eat popcorn and don’t share it with anyone. It is amazing!
I will have a lot me-time during my trip and to be honest with you – it scares the hell out of me to go to places I have never been before and to leave my comfort zone without having my family or my friends around.

But I know that this will work out. And I will grow and learn.

Coming back to the article, there was this one sentence that really striked me:

You can accept the people around you, only when you fully accept yourself.

German: “Wer sich selbst aushält , hält auch andere in ihrem Selbst aus.”

Isn’t that beautiful? And so true! It is a lifelong challenge and you can give it a try every time you meet someone. I think only a few people accept themselves fully. The rest of us is trying and for me I think trying is great and if we keep on trying we will get better and maybe one day we are in fully acceptance of ourselves and for everyone else around us.

Interesting. Challenging. New wow?





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