make today wow

Hi everyone,

my first post – isn’t it exciting?

Let me introduce my blog to you. I am taking some travel time and will explore India, Australia, New Zealand and Bali. During this trip I will post some pics, thoughts,feelings and insider tips here on this blog. I think that only my mom is interested in that, because every time she sees a post, she knows that I am alive;)

And for every other additional reader of this I am super happy!

Why did I choose make today wow as the name for my blog? Well I chose it, because in my opinion everyday contains wow-moments. So this blog should bring the awareness back to me and you and should help us to see the Wow’s in our life.Foto 28.02.16, 11 22 02

For most of the people wow means something big, something which takes your breath away, but I think that wow-moments can be seen in little things, too.

For example drinking a good coffee in the morning, watching the sunrise or just taking a deep breathe before your daily business starts. Unfortunately we oversee the majority of them, because life comes by and distracts us.
There are so many beautiful things in our life and we should start noticing them. You should start with yours and I start with mine. So my daily to do during this journey is to open up for wow-factors and regaining the awareness for the small things in life.


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